Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to talk to an Assisted Living Locators Care Advisor?

Assisted Living Locators Care Advisors are trained to make customer satisfaction their #1 goal. They do this by (1) thoroughly understanding the senior care options in your local area; (2) following a structured model to ensure that they understand your needs and can match them to the care options in your area; (3) creating a local network of partners who can address senior needs beyond just where you live and (4) understanding how the senior healthcare system operates in the US and in each state. They are your single best advocate and problem solver in addressing the unique challenges that you may be facing with your senior loved ones.

How can your Care Advisors help me?

Assisted Living Locators Care Advisors are advocates for your senior family members. It’s their job, and passion, to help you develop a comprehensive plan to help your senior loved ones thrive no matter where they live or what their health condition might be. They don’t just focus on senior housing options, but have the ability to connect you to a wide variety of resources available in your community to address a broad range of challenges you may be dealing with for your senior.

When should I contact an Assisted Living Locators Care Advisor?

Since Care Advisors understand the entire range of living options available to seniors, any family with a senior over 55 can benefit from their expertise. Use us to understand your independent living options if your senior wants more time for leisure pursuits after 55. Use us especially when you are concerned about the safety or health of your senior loved one. And it’s critically important that you reach out to us if your senior is in the hospital or rehabilitation facility so that we help you navigate the immediate next health care and housing steps that must be taken, giving you a voice in how the health care and insurance systems in your state manage your senior’s needs.